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your website

Even for the computer-savvy, getting started on a website can be a daunting process. Here's where we cut through some of the confusion.

what will the process involve?

Each one of my clients is unique, and so the process is always a little bit different, but the following is a general description of how you can expect the process of building your website to proceed.

the process

how do I get started?

The Boy Scouts had it right - be prepared. Spend a little time thinking about what you want from your website, and you'll find the whole process will go a lot more smoothly. Here's a questionnaire that will help you address some of the issues that will come up as you go through the process.

"getting started" worksheet

domain names and hosting

Have you purchased your domain name? Do you have hosting? Or does all this stuff just give you a headache?

You have a few options in this arena. If you'd prefer to take care of everything yourself, just provide us with the information we'll need to upload your site (username and password) and we'll take it from there. Others prefer to leave it all to us. We'll include the cost of the domain name, the hosting and the facilitating in your estimate and we'll take care of the entire process. The domain will belong to you, but we'll take care of all the technical details.

learn more about domain names and hosting.

where do I get my content?

Your website is a reflection of you and of your company or organization. The copy needs to be professional and error-free. The graphics and layout need to be uncluttered and eye-catching. If you're using photographs, they should be clear and quick to load.

We can help with all of these elements. We provide content development services and can assist you in crafting copy that will achieve your objectives, or refer you to content development specialists who can provide more extensive support. If you need a logo, we'll work with you to create a visual identity that will make your company memorable. We can find the perfect photographic image for your needs, or refer you to professional photographers who can create custom images. Please discuss these needs with us, so that we can include them in your estimate.

If you're providing content and images, please take a moment to review the proper formats for submission.

Guidelines on proper formats.