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"getting started" worksheet

The following are several of the questions I'll be asking you as we begin to develop your site. This will soon be an interactive form that you'll be able to print out for reference, but for now, it's simply a list of questions for you to consider.

What is your objective for having a website?

  • selling a product
  • informing people about my services
  • information
  • about my "bricks and mortar" business
  • on-line portfolio


What will your "Call to Action" be?
A website performs best when you are very clear on the action you would like people to take when they visit your site ( sign up for a newsletter, purchase a product, subscribe to your blog, make an appointment, etc.)

Who is your target audience? (Consider age, interests, lifestyle, reason for needing your services/products, computer/internet experience)

How will people learn about your site? (Rank from 1 to 5 - 1=most important / 5=least important)

  • Search Engines
  • Links from other sites
  • Advertising (print, radio, television, etc)
  • Marketing Materials (brochures, packaging, business cards)
  • Other

Do you have a web-ready logo? (If you have any questions on what constitutes a web-ready design, please see Guidelines on proper formats)

Do you have web-ready content for your site? (Content refers to all the text that will appear on your site)

Do you have web-ready photos or other images you'd like to use in your site?

What are the features you'd like to include in your site?

  • Home page
  • About you/your business
  • Description of services
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Links to helpful resources and/or related businesses
  • Contact information page
  • Contact form
  • Guestbook
  • Discussion board
  • Blog
  • Shopping Cart
  • Product Catalog
  • Any others?

Please list five sites that you love, noting the element you love most.

Please list five sites that you hate, noting the element that displeases you most.

What is your budget for your site? Consider your initial budget, your marketing/search engine optimization budget, and your maintenence budget.